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Maintain Chapter 3 Zine

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MAINTAIN Chapter III "Nocturnal" is the third and final in a series of independent, ad-free photo 'zines featuring photos shot by Rob Dolecki. (Maintain Chapters IV-IX in the works)

Chapter III consists of photos shot after the sun went down, with Van Homan, Trey Jones, Shawn "Elf" Walters, Tate Roskelley, Brian Wizmerski, Dave King, Martin Ochoa, Tony Hamlin, Steve Tassone, Oba Stanley, Chris Silva, Nick Bruce, Cody Diggle, Derek Adams, Timmy Theus, Brandon Perez, Garret Hoogerhyde, Clint Reynolds, and more.

Artwork by Connecticut street legend Jeff Martin is interspersed between photos as well as some random quotes about the darker hours of the day.

Shot in Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Argentina, Chilé, Poland, Florida, Oregon, Utah, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois and Rhode Island.

44 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", Full-color.